Solar Energy

As part of the project, 15 On-Grid PV systems of 2 KW capacity has been installed on 15 residential buildings in the Elamakkara ward. The operation of this pilot installation is being monitored in terms of the technical performance (how much electricity is generated), the economic benefits (how much electricity costs are saved) and the environmental advantages.

In the energy sector, On-Grid PV systems is installed on residential buildings close to each other to demonstrate that not only single buildings but also neighbourhoods can be self-supplied by a high share of solar electricity. It will be the first step towards a neighbourhood with PV systems on almost all buildings. It allows to replace the use of fossil fuels for energy and will increase the self-consumption of solar electricity in the buildings.


  • Be a part of clean Energy Initiative
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Renewable Energy
  • Save on Electricity Costs

On Grid System

The pilot installations are connected to the KSEB grid, i.e., On-Grid. In this system, the electrical consumers primarily consume solar electricity within the building if solar electricity is generated at the same time when electricity is consumed. If more solar electricity is generated than consumed within the building, excess electricity is fed into the public grid (KSEB). If less solar electricity is generated than consumed, which is partly the case during the day and always the case during the night, the electricity needed is supplied by the grid.

The charts below gives some insight into the solar grid initiative.

Total Solar Energy Generated 16705 Units.
Electricity consumption per month
of the 15 buildings in Elamakkara


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